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Repair of Wincor Nixdorf CCDM Cash/Check Deposit Module

Wincor Nixdorf CCDM Cash/Check Desposit Module

Wincor Nixdorf Cash/Check Dispense Module V2 (CCDM V2)Wincor Nixdorf CCDM V2

The cheque / cash deposit module (or CCDM) is designed to be integrated in automated teller machines and full-function self-service terminals. It consists of the metal detection unit, dispensing station, input/output area, alignment station, magnetic character reader, cheque/cash reader, escrow unit, print station and cassette module.

The CCDM offers the following functions:

  • Processing checks
  • Processing banknotes
  • Depositing the media in the appropriate cassettes in the cassette module.

Some abbreviations:

  • CCDM - Cheque / Cash Deposit Module
  • CCE - Cheque/cash recognition module
  • MICR - Magnetic Ink Character Reader
  • UART - Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter

There are two versions of the CCDM.

  • Version 1 The cassette module and the head module are inside the safe.
  • Version 2 The cassette module is in the safe and the head module is in the top part of the ATM. The transition from the head module to the cassette module is made by means of a transfer transport.

Both versions are used in frontload (FL) and rearload (RL) devices.


Repair of Wincor Nixdorf CCDM V2 Cash/Check Desposit Module

Our Repair Services

We offer repair services on ATM modules from NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold.


Unit repair includes: Cleaning, failure identification and repair, testing to confirm proper operation.

Unit repair does not include: Various failures, repair of severe physical damage to the unit by mishandling or shipping damage.


30 days standard warranty.


Services can be offered in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Repair of Wincor Nixdorf CCDM Cash/Check Deposit Modules

1750101956Dispenser Module VM 3116.00 €
1750101952Distance Transport VM 387.00 €
1750177464Escrow 3 CCDM110.00 €
1750188524Alignment Station 3 CCDM83.00 €
1750103566CCDM Controller III Amplifier assd110.00 €
1750187030Reject Transport 3 CCDM116.00 €
1750068335Cash Identification Line XSA182.00 €
1750154867LINE-XSA Cash identificator182.00 €
1750105544Banknote Reader LINE-XSA182.00 €
1750079779Dispenser Module VM 2157.00 €
1750105148Alignment Station II CCDM83.00 €
1750108278Escrow 2 CCDM119.00 €
1750108340MICR 2 CCDM Basic75.00 €
1750108341Transport Distribution SK21.2Budget
1750106777Transport Distribution SK21.2 LBudget
1750108323Reject Transport 2 CCDM119.00 €
1750103895Reject Transport 2 CCDM119.00 €
1750047165Reject Transport  CCDM119.00 €
1750106776Chassis 2 CCDM assd.127.00 €
1750188525Chassis 3 CCDM Check/Cash assy127.00 €
1750108714Chassis P CCDM Check/Cash assy127.00 €

Contact US for more information.